Who is platform nutrition?

Our objective is to help others fully understand nutrition and importantly create a plan that works for you. We believe that nutrition should be easy and straight forward, but one size doesn’t fit all. There are many ways to achieve your goal, whether that’s for performance or from a lifestyle perspective, Platform Nutrition can help you get there.

Once registered, we will conduct a full dietary analysis on your existing diet and specify what is required to help you achieve your desired goals. We will then create a bespoke nutrition plan and provide you with the tools & education to help you take the first steps towards success. For any plan to work it has to be based around you, your likes, avoid your dislikes and fit in with your lifestyle.

With over 10 years of experience working in performance nutrition within a host of sports from grass-roots to the very elite in Triathlon, Boxing, Rugby and Football, to name a few. We also have a wealth of experience in working with individuals, supporting them to achieve the weight and body that they have always desired.