Theory, concepts & planning

Build the Foundations Let us guide you through the fundamentals of a healthy balanced diet and how to design your personalised nutrition plan.

Fasting A thing of the past or the way of the future? Is this a sensible approach to losing weight? Let us go through the research.

Weight Loss How to build a plan that works and possibly more importantly, a plan you can stick to.

Injury, Immunity & Recovery Nutrition also plays an important role in immune support, injury rehabilitation, along with the more familar exercise recovery. Here's how it can help you.

TRAINING THE GUT 30-50% of all athletes report having experienced gastrointestinal problems during exercise. Here's how, why and what you can do to avoid it.

HYDRATION Is hydration so important for exercise? Here's why you need to grab a glass.

ULTRA-PROCESSED FOODS Fake news or fake food. Processed food is at an all time high and the UK is leading the way in Europe.

CALORIE COUNTING Will this make a difference or is it just a waste of time?


FOOD, ingredients & supplements

Omega 3 Fish Oils A great catch or hook, line and sinker. Should fish oils be added to your diet? What are the benefits?

Protein More is better or is it? A deeper look into the scientific recommendations of protein. Are we eating enough or too much?

Caffeine Rev up you training or don't believe the hype? Is caffeine a supplement for you?

FUELLING FOR TRIATHLON An insight into the appropriate fuelling strategy for triathlon.

VITAMIN D The sunshine vitamin. Should I supplement? What's the benefits? 

PROTEIN BREAKFAST The perfect way to start your day - Eggsellent Breakfast.